lost painting

welcome to my Alucard fan site. my name is Tulip and I have fallen hopelessly in love with a dhampir.

I've always wanted to make some kind of 2000s-era site; I made a lot of websites when I was younger in the mid-00s, and the idea of having a little space dedicated to my interests has always been appealing. so... I thought it would be fun to make one for Alucard!

it feels kind of silly to admit it, but Castlevania: Symphony of the Night ended up being a game that's very important to me, and very dear to my heart. I played it on kind of a whim at first - I like pretty pixel art, exploration-based games, and Halloween was coming up. and every time I'd seen Ayami Kojima's art before in passing, it always stuck with me. so it felt appropriate to give it a try!

...and then it ended up being one of my favorite games of all time. whoops. not just that, but through an elaborate series of events, it might've led me to some important self-discoveries, so... thanks, Alucard??

anyway. I hope you enjoy my silly tribute to a character and a game series that means a lot to me.